Imagine you're in a trade show and someone loves your design so much that wants to purchase right away!

But how to do that quickly before the sale slips through your fingers? With a responsive design that fits on any tablets, Magento POS extension helps you easily create orders on the go, just like having a native POS app right in your pocket.

This Magento POS extension also visualizes checkout procedures with product thumbnail images & front-end look-alike screens.Thus, you can even pass it on to your customers to choose their preferred products.

Operating multiple warehouses

Operating multiple warehouses in different locations can be a pain when it comes to traceability. Inventory Management's multi-warehouse feature helps centralize your tracking system.

Besides contact & location information, you easily know sales/purchase balance & available stock in each warehouse.

Explore how Magento POS increase checkout speeds 10x faster

In more than 50,000 Restaurant and more than 110 countries

Advanced. Versatile. Flexible. From Table Service to Quick Service, PixelPoint adapts to your hospitality business needs.

In more than 50,000 Restaurant and more than 110 countries, PAR PixelPoint POS software is designed for use in any and all restaurant concepts, and is configurable to meet your specific hospitality environment and requirements, rather than forcing you to change your current processes. PixelPoint POS is available as a perpetual license or subscription option.

With PixelPoint POS, managing hospitality operations is even easier with more choices and advanced capabilities to better run your business.

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